Port Aransas Area Guide

If you’re looking for a place with beautiful beaches, picture perfect views and the best place to relax, Port Arnasas is your destination. Sunrise over the Texas Gulf Coast precede relaxing evenings on the bay at the premiere vacation destination for everyone from singles to families. You’ll want to try everything from sport fishing, kayaking, bird watching and shopping to just digging your toes in the sand!

This serene tropical community offers miles of natural beaches you can walk while enjoying the gentle Gulf breeze in the just right weather. Plan to stay for at least a weekend and that still won’t be long enough! You’ve enjoy great shopping and don’t forget to check out Mustang Island while you’re here. There’s so much to do and see and it’s all done Texas style, so pack that bag and come for a visit!

We know once you get here, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is where you want to settle down in Port Arnasas permanently!

To learn more about Port Arnasas, visit: https://www.cityofportaransas.org/

This Texas coastal area began life as a submerged sand bar about 4,500 years ago, but at some point, the island that would eventually be called Mustang Island because of the wild horses that would occupy it was formed. The first known human occupants were the Krankawas Indians, to be followed by the Spanish and eventually Jean Lafitte and his gang, who spent a lot of time on the various neighboring islands.

The still natural pass brought more and more commerce to the area and by 1833, a map noted the location of what would become Port Aransas (then called Sand Point). During the Mexican War, a small fort was built on Mustang Island, guarding the entrance to Aransas Bay and it was used until after the Civil War.

By the 1850’s, regular steamship service ran between Mustang Island and New Orleans, the first deep draught ship going through the pass in 1859. It was used until the Mercer Docks were destroyed during a storm in 1875. By 1910, the residents of the area began calling their town Port Arnasas, but in 1919 a storm wiped out almost all of the town, only a few buildings remaining. They rebuilt and by the turn of the century, the little town was doing big business and has become a great place to visit, work and live!

To learn more, visit: https://www.cityofportaransas.org/our_history.cfm

Attractions & Activities

Art and Galleries
With several art galleries to choose from, Port Aransas offers everything from island art to well known local and national artists. For more information, visit:https://www.portaransas.org/directory/businesslist.php?cat=87

Known as the fishing capital of Texas, Port Aransas waters hold everything from Speckled Trout to Flounder and Kingfish. For the best places to fish, visit: https://www.portaransas.org/fish_boat.html

Newport Dunes Golf Course was designed by Arnold Palmer and the 18 holes located on Mustang Island are 1,800 acres of beauty and coastal foliage. To learn more, visit:https://www.newportdunesgolf.com/layout10.asp?id=190&page=4467

For a detailed list of the attractions, visit: https://www.portaransas.org/todo.html

Parks & Recreation
From the Community Park to the Nature Preserve and Roberts Points Park, Port Aransas offers something for every member of the family. Enjoy the beaches, the wetlands and everything in between!

For a complete listing of parks and their amenities, visit:https://www.cityofportaransas.org/Parks.cfm

Events Calendar.

For a complete listing of events, visit: https://www.portaransas.org/calendar/events.php

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