Port Aransas Tourism

89957644.jpgIf you are searching for the perfect place to go on vacation, Port Aransas may be the answer you are looking for in a travel destination. Not only is the town loaded with a variety of different shops and opportunities for you to enjoy yourself, but also the scenery is amazing to say the least. For the complete travel experience, this is one of the best towns to stop at along the way to finding the perfect place to spend a nice, relaxing vacation.

Dining Along the Coast

You will be able to enjoy fresh seafood prepared in a number of different ways. Various restaurants throughout the city offer this fabulous seafood for you to come out and enjoy. Choose from a laid-back setting to some of the formal upscale eateries in town for all of your dining needs. Regardless of what establishment you decide to eat at, you are sure to find one of the best dishes on the planet in one convenient location. Even those who are fussy in the way their seafood is prepared will love the food in Port Aransas.

Ride on the Ferry

The ferry service offers visitors and residents their services free of charge around the clock. It is only a short ride from Port Aransas to Mustang Island, so you will be able to experience a completely new side of things after your ride on the ferry. Even though the ferry runs around the clock, you may have a short wait time during peak operating months. Prepare yourself for a new means of travel on the ferry to scenic Mustang Island.

Fun in the Sun

Once you have taken the ferry to Mustang Island, enjoy heading out to the amazing beaches and see what awaits you. With 18 miles of shoreline, you are sure to enjoy yourself out on the beach. Thanks to the warm water and soft sand, you will enjoy surfing, sailing, boating or sunbathing in the warm sun. During the evening hours, you can take a stroll along the beach with your loved ones. Children will enjoy building sand castles in the soft sand while you sit back and relax along the beach.

Nighttime Activities

Even though the sun may have gone down, that doesn’t mean you won’t find an array of activities that are sure to keep you active throughout the evening hours. Unique restaurants along the water provide you with some of the best and freshest catches in the area. Those who want somewhere to come out and enjoy a drink, dancing or musical talent will love the nightlife in Port Aransas. You have the option of doing it all or doing nothing at all.

Take the time to experience Port Aransas and see what it has to offer you as a tourist in town. Once you have had the chance to visit the town once, you will want to keep coming back for more to experience the attractions, eateries and beaches over and over again.

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