Port Aransas: Fishing/Boating, Beaches, Bird Watcing

Port Aransas, Texas is a long adored barrier island town that is located within Nueces County. Founded as a European cattle ranch settlement in 1853, the town has been a favorite among pirates, tourists and investors for several centuries. Today, the allure of Port Aransas, Texas is its pristine beaches and real estate that offers spectacular coastal views of Corpus Christie Bay, the Lydia Ann Lighthouse Ship Channel and the Gulf of Mexico. Yet, fishing, boating, the beach lifestyle and wildlife watching are among the top reasons for investing in townhomes, condos and other real estate within the area.

Port Aransas Fishing and Boating
Anglers and boating enthusiasts are happy to enjoy the South Texas jetties and lighted fishing piers that makes Port Aransas an in-season paradise all through the year. The subtropical climate of the area makes its ideal to catch flounder, tuna, sailfish and catfish. From the expert angler enthusiast to fishing novice, Port Aransas offers seaside catches for everyone, including redfish, kingfish, black drum, flounder and trout.

The area of Port Anansas, Texas has been of considerable interest to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, because of the area's natural resources that are central to the Gulf of Mexico. Yet, photographers and bird watchers often frequent the area to get a glimpse of the area's low flying birds and nesting species. From boardwalks to observation decks, Port Aransas provides miles of vantage points to view bird species such as Rails, Reddish Egrets, Least Grebes and Bitterns. The Leona Belle Turnbull Birding Center and the wetlands, exhibits, observation towers and vegetation inlets of the Great Texas Birding Trail also offer sneak peaks of wild birds such as the Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks and the Roseate Spoonbills.

As a highly publicized spring break destination for college students, Port Aransas, Texas has become widely known as a beach resort community and favorite year-long vacation spot among many people from all walks of life. The area draws in sand-seeking tourists throughout the year, and the 18-mile beach is highly adored for its unspoiled shoreline, nearby historical attractions and nightly activities. Both kids and adults gather at the beach to enjoy sunbathing, windsurfing, jet skiing, kite boarding, beach volleyball, parasailing, surfing and sand castle construction.

Port Aransas Real Estate
Investment properties are worth acquiring in Port Aransas due to the opportunities for those that want to relax on the island and enjoy premier fishing excursions and many other Monkey Island amenities. Single family homes are often turned into rental properties or income properties as a rewarding way to allow others to enjoy the convenience of Port Aransas premier fishing charters, backpacking, camping and even eco tourism during anytime of the year. Prospective investors of Port Aransas Real Estate can select from condos, village homes and cottages and luxury homes and posh estates. Amenities include large patios, commanding seaward views and many other investment perks for second homes and income properties.

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