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Along the shores of East Texas a group of barrier Islands guard the Lonestar State from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Just north of Padre Island is one of the longest barrier islands abutting the coastal waters. Known as Mustang Island, the 18-mile-long land mass extends from Port Aransas to Corpus Christi. To date, Port Aransas is the only established town on the island. The beautiful port city is home to gorgeous beaches, tranquil breezes, and abundant beach wildlife.
Although the small beachside town is home to less than 4,000 residents, during the summer months the island's population has been known to swell to more than 60,000 seasonal residents. Many residents and visitors to the island enjoy access to the sparkling gulf and the plentiful opportunities for recreation provided by the location's access to the deep gulf waters.

Port Aransas History

The city of Port Aransas has a history that extends as far back as the 1500s, when Spanish explorers first encountered the beautiful barrier island. Although Mustang Island was once home to the Karankawa people, the first settlers of European descent were pirates, who created many campsites on the shores of the small island. Today, it is still rumored that there are hidden treasures to be found buried deep beneath the quiet city of Port Aransas.

The island surrounding the quiet coastal city was first known as Wild Horse Island because of the “mesteños," or wild horses, brought by the Spanish in the 1800s. In the mid-1800s settlers began farming and ranching, on the island. However, few people settled permanently, as the island was hard to get to and did not have much potable water. Mustang Island's only town began as Mercer’s Dock. However, a hurricane destroyed the small town in 1875. Soon, the town was replaced by a community called Mustang Island. The name did not last long and subsequent names of the community were Ropesville and Tarpon. Again, in 1911, the town underwent a name change and became Port Aransas.

Life In Port Aransas Family on beach

The small town of Port Aransas is known for its natural beauty, the opportunities it affords residents to participate in outdoor recreation, and its access to fantastic arts and culture. When you leave the comfort of your own home in Port Aransas, you are sure to find an enjoyable activity just steps away. Whether you are interested in outdoor adventure or cultural events, there is always something exciting happening on Mustang Island.

Sailing, jet skiing, kite boarding, wind surfing, swimming, beachcombing, and sunbathing are just a small sampling of the area's popular outdoor activities. Anyone who enjoys easy access to the beach will love the small beach-town lifestyle offered up at Port Aransas. Within the small beach community there is opportunity for enjoyment even for those who do not want to get their feet wet. Just a drive down the beach, golf enthusiasts can hit the fairways for 18 holes of golf. However, heading in does not mean that you need to go home. Port Aransas is home to many fantastic restaurants, bars, and grills for a sampling of the delectable local flavors.

Joining the community of Port Aransas is a lifelong dream for many. The beautiful shores of Mustang Island offer the serenity of a beach-going lifestyle with many wonderful opportunities for active outdoor engagment. For more information on how to become a new member of this fantastic coastal community, contact Keith Donley Real Estate.

Attractions And Activities

Fishing is a big part of life in this small coastal village. The island's access to surrounding Gulf waters gives residents of Port Aranasas an easy way to catch some of the best seafood in America. Almost every weekend during the summer months is filled with fishing tournaments and seafood related events. For a deep-see excursion, residents can charter a boat or a captain. For a more land-based experience, fishing enthusiasts can take to the shores or the public piers.

Enjoy In-town Fun

Shopping and dining are an equally pleasant experience in the charming beach side village. The Port Aransas trolley can transport residents to a number of eclectic boutiques, one-of-a-kind shops, fine restaurants, and art galleries. At the end of the day, residents can sit back and enjoy one of the most breathtaking sunsets before relishing in the town's fantastic night life.

Beach Adventures

The beaches of Mustang island provide the perfect backdrop to all your sandy adventures. The island's 18 miles of uninterrupted public shoreline ensures that there will always be enough room for every sandcastle, beach towel, and set of little toes to claim their own territory along the coastal waters.

Play A Round Of Golf Port Aransas Golf

Mustang Island golf means wind-swept fairways, rugged landscape, and meticulously planned courses. Along the coastline of the gulf-saddled island, one will find a number of fantastic golf courses and resorts. Facilities like the Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club take advantage of the benefits offered by a coastal location and present a challenging course that is enjoyable to even seasoned golfers.

Happenings And Events

Day and night, Port Aransas sets the stage for some of the area's most exciting events and cultural entertainment. The community's unique waterfront restaurants offer amazing, fresh seafood. However, the fun does not stop there. Nightlife in Port Aransas offers an exciting array of fun bars, clubs, and venues featuring live music.

The artistic spirit of the coastal town is alive and well. The Port Aransas Art Center is the center of artistic expression for many of the community's artists. Year-round the center is at the forefront of many of the town's artistic activities and events. First Fridays are particularly fun in Port Aransas. The first Friday of the month brings out the creative spirit in the small port village as residents are invited to browse the community's rich offering of galleries and artistic spaces.

The Port Aransas Community Theater (PACT)is a continual delight to the residents of Mustang Island. Fun for the entire family, the community theater offers an impressive lineup of plays every year. Additionally, throughout the year a number of cultural events and festivals take place in the small coastal town, ensuring that there is always something to see or do in Port Aransas.

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